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Chemistry 19 - 20 Lesson Plans

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Date  Assignment Due  Topic  Class Plan 
  • None
  • Significant Figures
  • WU:  What are the rules for S.F.
  • Discussion on adding and Subtracting S.F
  • HW:  Practice adding and subtracting S.F 
  • Adding and Subtracting S.F
  • Significant Figures
  • WU:  Explain adding/subtracting S.F.
  • Discussion on multiplying and dividing S.F.
  • HW:  Multiplying and dividing S.F. 
  • Multiplying and Dividing S.F.
  • Scientific Notation
  • WU:  Explain multiplying and dividing S.F.
  • Discussion on Scientific Notation
  • HW:  Adding and Subtracting S.N. 
  • Adding and Subtracting S.N.
  • Scientific Notation
  • WU:  Explain adding and subtracting S.N.
  • Discussion on multiplying and dividing S.N.
  • H.W.  Multiplying and Dividing S.N. 
  • Syllabus and Notebooks
  • Measurement
  • WU:  Grade Binders
  • Discussion on Measurement
  • Set chemist research project 
  • None
  • Measurement
  • WU:  Explain a quantity and measurement
  • Discussion on metric prefixes
  • Complete chemist selection
  • None
  • Measurement
  • WU:  Explain the advantage of the metric system
  • Review stair step and metric conversions
  • Metric conversion WS 
  • Metric Conversion WS 
  • Measurement
  • WU:  Write out and convert 5 measurements
  • Introduce significant digits
  • Pass out textbooks 
  • None 
  • Introduction 

WU:  None

Class Syllabus

Discussion on measurement

  • None 
  • Measurement 

WU:  Why do we measure?

Measurement Activity--Outside 



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